Unconditional is a non-profit organization that has undertook many projects to empower women, particularly in the Arab world since 2014.
​Motivated by the vision of a world where women are unconditionally free,

Unconditional has invested in ad campaigns, integrated campaign and ambient medias. There are people who do not understand how we can invest money on advertising.
However, does anyone really think that letting the world know that the systematic oppression of women is still prevalent in Lebanon is not worth the investment ?

Thank you again to the Unconditional team:

Christina Khater:
Founder of KristiesLab and Unconditional

Mirey Nader:
Communication manager at Kristieslab

Hrag Toumayan:
Freelance Videographer

Christina Achkar:
Project coordinator and Content Writer Freelance

Céline Massabni:
Architect and Designer at Kristieslab

Please don't hesitate to ask questions and share comments. We would be happy to help whichever way we can.

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Episode 1:
Gender Equality in the workplace.

Episode 2:
Career Journeys and unlinear paths.
Episode 3:
Self-confidence & Self-worth.

Episode 4:
Motherhood, judgments and choices.
Episode 5:
Failures are Lessons.
Episode 6:
Redefining Beauty.

​​​​Thank you again to all our guest speakers for their insights and testimonies.

Rola Ghaddar - Intuitive Eating Dietician @rola_ghaddar
Maysa Hamdan -
Founder of @icanbymaysa
Cyril Bassil -
Actor, Director and Activist @cyril_bassil
Dr. Gael -
Gynecologist and Obstetrician and mum. @dr.gael
Mark Ekke -
Model and Communication Executive @mrk.eke
Bruna Elias -
UN Global compact project manager
Nada Daher -
Life Coach and Founder of @paradogms
Vanessa Daher -
Architect and founder of @bee.roots
Sara Sibai -
Co-founder of @l3b.space
Tania Nader -
Working Single mum @tanianader
Joumana Kreidi -
Stay-at-home mum @joumik
Marie-Christine -
Life Coach @Mindsetbloom

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Our Last video production:  IGTV series Knowledge is Power

Recently, Unconditional has started series of educational videos through our Instagram account and Youtube Channel. The goal is to offer information and inspiration to empower women and youth in today's world. These videos are meant for any person in need of support and guidance.

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