Teasing Campaign

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Integrated Campaign

Through different phases, we work on different kind of projects. We are happy to hear suggestions aligned with our mission.

Through our social media platforms, we hope to keep people inspired to empower women in today's world and raise awareness on gender equality. It all starts with empathy, understand and discussions.

Our platforms are always open to questions and comments as we believe building a supportive community is an essential part of empowerment.

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“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
Mother Teresa

Learn more about our founder, Christina Khater.

Through our educational series, we hope to give people some insight on how to be empowered in their personal and professional life.


Teasing Campaign
​Inspired by the famous pipe of Rene Magritte, the teasing campaign came to light. The statement is taken to mean that the visual itself is not merely what we see. Its the representation of an ordinary rope that has extraordinary powers.
The aim of this visual is to evoke the curiosity and the emotions of the audience and make them wonder.

Today, Unconditional's mission is focused on creating a safe space and community for women to be informed and inspired to be their best self. 

When men and women realizing the potential, vital presence in society and  freedom of choice of women, they can live unconditionally.  
Through our platforms, we share experiences, advice and insights to empower women in today's world.


In the midst of this cruel world, we still appreciate once in a while the comforts of everyday monotony, the security of the familiar and the tranquility of repetition. However, in the light of the aggressiveness overshadowing humankind, we do not enjoy them anymore because there’s always this feeling we get when we wander the streets, drive or whatever it may be and we suddenly get attracted by something we loathe. Something we think it is unethical, indecent and the mere injustice of it makes us furious.
It is moments like these when we realize that we have to react in order to show solidarity with the many injustices we confront.
One of the discriminations that interests us the most is the oppression numerous women encounter on a daily basis.
In the pursuit of unconditional love, our mothers recruited every faculty they can acquire in order to raise and feed us. We need to proceed this belief.
The strong must protect the weak. Those with rights must speak for those who are denied them. Those who have more should give to those who have less. Given this statement, we want women to speak up freely, openly, to live without being obedient to the conformity of the society. We want to empower them with all the skills that we can master so they can live unconditionally.  This is not charity.
It is legitimacy and equality.


“ The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.

You just take it."

Integrated Campaign
Integrated campaign to promote empowering women. The idea was to create a visual that reflects a woman who is in a great need to recharge her batteries in order to proceed. The organization will provide those batteries and supercharge her by helping on all fields; for instance, entrepreneurship, education, religious tribunals, domestic violence....
The second poster depicts a woman facing numerous obstacles represented by the maze and feels the urge to get out of it. The organization will give her the path  to overcome all those barriers.